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公司下设两个工程类品牌:SVLPA  EOS
U.S.A Sailang originated from the Mousika Berg tax professional broadcast audio laboratory in Michigan, U.S.A, Mousika Berg tax professional broadcast audio laboratory, in Chinese, promotion agencies: Guangzhou SUPWAVE Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., is a research and development, production, sales, engineering services in one, and building an efficient, stable and professional team, using computer aided design software of the world's most advanced public broadcasting and advanced technology, production equipment and advanced inspection instruments; and to establish a cooperative development mechanism and a number of world-class professional materials and accessories manufacturers, the key parts of the material is imported from abroad. The company's main products are IP network broadcasting, traditional broadcasting, wireless broadcasting, conference systems, professional audio, and speaker units supporting electronic products. The company consists of professional public broadcasting, sound reinforcement and entertainment entertainment department, and has been successfully used in schools, military, residential, scenic, building, shopping malls, government offices, gymnasiums and other places. Since its establishment in 98, the company has adhered to and implemented the quality management system in line with the ISO9001:2008 standard. It is based on a clear, clear process, strict implementation, and the quality policy of customer satisfaction.
Enterprise tenet: professional technology, professional services, the pursuit of better, to share. Aimed at research and development, manufacture better products, provide better service, and give feedback to society.
In line with the principle of "customer first, quality first", we will provide professional equipment and technical support for the design, supply, installation and debugging of professional sound reinforcement system for the leisure and entertainment units.
The company has two engineering brands: SVLPA, EOS

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